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Core Value: With full integrity to achieve completion, develop together with mutual benefits

The core value of “With full integrity to achieve completion, develop together with mutual benefits” is the core instruction in our whole value system. With full integrity to achieve completion refers to the core focus for people and things. No matter for our internal operation management or each employee’s specified daily work, we shall insist the principle of integrity and continuously pursue more excellent as well, dedicate to more completed operation, more completed management, more completed individual work, and continuously set new goals as well, continuously pursue completion, thus, we shall make efforts more than any others. As always, we take “company develops together with customers, company develops together with employees” as our operation principle. We pay more and more attentions and put them into practical implementation to grow and develop together with our excellent customers and share company development achievements with our excellent employees.

Vision: Devote to become a respectable enterprise with sustainable development ability.

We have to admit that it is far from enough to evaluate the enterprise value only through enterprise scale and economic index. One really good enterprise not only has sustainable good performance, more important, it shall have the recognition and respect of the whole society. Whether a enterprise can gain the respect or not has been a major factor to measure if the enterprise is successful and if the enterprise is more valuable to the society.

From the development history of Wanshida, one is insisting the thought of specialized operation, the other is the instruction thought of gaining more recognition from customers, employees and society. They are actually following the two core targets of becoming respectable enterprise and having sustainable development ability. We shall take efforts to make the evergreen enterprise which can last for hundreds of years, thus, we need not only to consider the needs for current development, but also for future development. We can’t sacrifice the future benefits for current development and current profits fulfillment. We shall still follow our mission, applying the excellent products in more places of the society. Insisting on providing more excellent construction steel materials to the society is saving the society resources and it real contributes to the society. To realize the target, each one of our employees shall take on the social responsibility to make the excellent products be adopted more extensively.

We consider the sustainable development of the enterprise is an active challenge and impetus for innovation and improvement. To realize the goal of facilitate sustainable development of the company, we shall maintain the moral and integrity of the business, reduce its impact to environment, improve the sense of safety and enrich employees’ living.

Mission: Facilitate the intensive use of social resources via industry products innovation and circulation

Facilitate the intensive use of social resources via industry products innovation and circulation, it represents our value of existence, also it represents our core advantages. In the whole field of coating steel plate for construction purpose and matching for steel protective frame materials of system construction, Wanshida dedicates to provide more convenient, better and richer construction steel products of system materials via continuous products and circulation model innovation, to provide upstream steel factory more space of product development as well, to realize the intensive use in the whole value chain.

Implementation of each of our operation thoughts is centered on the enterprise mission, the goal is to facilitate the intensive use of the resources for upstream and downstream, to become the strategic cooperation partner of the upstream steel factories, and to become the loyal and strong material provider of the downstream customers, the strong backup force for customers’ development. We hope that through regional overall arrangement, we can closely follow customers’ needs. No matter where your factories or engineering projects are, we can provide better products and services with shortest distance and lowest cost.