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Shandong Chenhong Electric Co.,Ltd., founded in 2005, is located in Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province which is not only the birthplace of football,but also the former capital of ancient Qi State in the Warring States period . It covers 110 units of area where there are more than 200 employees, with its total assets of over RMB 200 million. After a dozen years of development, Shandong Chenhong Electric Co.,Ltd is now renowned for its complete vacuum arcing chamber of modern production line,for instance, the ceramic tube shell production and metallization, mechanical processing, electric vacuum processing and assembly, etc, as well as the advanced professional production equipment. This private enterprise, regarded as the famed domestic high-tech enterprise, has grown up into the most powerful one with the largest scale in the same business whose overall strength is among the top five amidst the enterprises with the same background .

Shandong Chenhong Electric Co.,Ltd. specializes in the development and production of electric vacuum products.Vacuum interrupter, its main product, includes more than 200 kinds with annual production of 150 thousand units.Here are the main technical data of it:The Rated voltage grade is covered 0.38kV-----126kV.The Rated current grade is covered 160A-----6300A.The Rated short-circuit breaking current is covered 2.5kA-----80kA.It is provided with feature of standardization, serialization,miniaturization and specializaton.The vacuum interrupter is widely used in the electric system of transport , transfer , desrve , supply etc of the following fields like electric power ,metallurgy, mines , petrifaction , railway , broadcast and communication.This kind of product has been broadly accepted by users all over the country including Xuji electric Co.,Ltd., Zhengtai electric Co.,Ltd.,etc which are also well-known,meanwhile, it has been exported to our neighboring countries like India , Turkey , Russia , Vietnam and Cambodia , etc..


Sticking to the tenet of “Quality First , supreme prestige”consistently, Shandong Chenhong always persevere in the road of “Science and technology, innovation and development’’ .throughtout scientific management. ”Chenhong” brand series of products has gained approbation and applause from the majority of users for their scientific design and excellent quality Therefore, the company has passed ISO9001:2008 standard international quality management system certification, with several kinds of products having been listed in "national torch plan" and "national key new product plan".What’s more, the company's standards of ceramic shell production has already been acknowledged as standards of electronic industry by the Information Industry Ministry of China .The company is the syndic unit of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association of high voltage switch branch and a member unit of China explosion-proof electric branch, and its products has been listed in the national urban and rural power grid construction and retrofit catalogue of products and manufacturers recommend by the state economic and trade commission,whose quality will be insured by the People's Insurance Company of China.

In May 2013, the company finished its equipment updating and upgrading on a large scale after the restructuring, increasing the purchase of domestic first-class technology and equipment and perfect testing facilities. As a result, five different kinds of products successively won the 2nd class prize of science and technology progress of Zibo city, and 1st class, 2ndclass, 3rdclass prize of sientific and technological progress of linzi district in the same year. Meanwhile, the whole company was awarded some honorary titles such as Enterprise Technology Center of Shandong province, Shandong famous trademark and so on. The company has 12 authorized patents till now, and many of the self-developed product of series of high, medium and low pressure vacuum arcing chamber have been approved by Shandong Department of Identification, including series products of low voltage large current, three station vacuum arcing chamber and "flexible HVDC system of vacuum arcing chamber". The successful development of which is of pioneering significance in the same field in the country. In December 2013, the company’s "intelligent grid with ultra-high vacuum arcing chamber" project was listed in Zibo city intelligent t grid industry chain key support projects, and the company has been elected as one of the top 500 enterprises of innovation development of the Zibo city.

In order to keep in the main stream of industry technology development and ensure the reliability of the source of technology, the company has established long-term relations of cooperation with some well-known institutes,for example, Xi 'an high voltage appliance research institute, Xi 'an Jiaotong University, and The 12th institute of CLP group. Pro Long-qiao Gao, the chief engineer of the 12th institute of CLP group who is also a Doctoral tutor of TsingHua University; Pro Zhi-Yuan Liu, PhD supervisor, the director of electrical engineering experiment center of Xi 'an Jiaotong University, has been serving as technical advisers for many years, giving valuable guidance and evaluations for the company’s development. In order to further promote the scientific research level of the company and to accelerate new product development and industrialization process, the Postdoctoral Innovation Base, which facilitates the company recruiting qualified postdoctoral researchers, was set up in November 2013 under the joint effort of Chenhong company and Xi 'an Jiaotong University. The company, at the same time, found the Shandong Chenhong Scholarship whose total amount is RMB 100000 / year in electric college of Xi 'an Jiaotong university , aiming to award the excellent students, which fully embodies the strength of our effort of seeking "industry-university-institute" cooperation.

Setting the goal of edging into forefront of this kind of industry and stepping into the international market, the company will be devoted to improving its management and broadening its market through more excellent services and better quality of products so that it can benefit both the customers and investors all-around. In addition, it will also provide the employees with more satisfactory working conditions and related enterprises with opportunities of mutual beneficial cooperation. The multi-win situation is what the company always pursues and desires.